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(clockwise from above)

Dalannah Gail Bowen

Jayleen Stonehouse

Candus Churchill

Willie MacCalder

Slammin’ Mike Wedge

Ray Ayotte

Bruce Miller

Al Foreman

Arsen Shomakhov

Kirsten Nash

Steve Sainas  

Dan Casavant

More musicians to perform at Blues for Christmas Finale are...

Performer photos will be updated frequently until show day.

Photos by Andy Cotton, Jonathan Cruz,

Dee Lippingwell, Double Exposure,

Laura Hawthorne, Rick Moore,

PostMedia, Lani Sanders

(clockwise from top left)

Steve Kozak

Roger Brant

John ‘Colonel’ Fuhrmann

Murray Porter

Dave Vidal

John Nolan

A few days to go before the show, over the next few pages we're assembling our All-Star Bands.