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The Blues for Christmas family — for we truly are a family — has lost musicians, performers and supporters over the years. Musicians who made incredible contributions to the world of music both locally and internationally; artists whose talents were exceeded only by their generosity; friends and supporters who were always there when needed.

We have done our best to ensure that we have acknowledged those who have, in the past, performed or been part of our Blues For Christmas shows and are no longer with us.

The following people will be in our hearts... always.

In Memoriam

Long John Baldry

John 'Bear' Curtis

Rogé Belanger

Doug Bennett

Joel Bert

Betty Chaba

Drew Burns

Babz Chula

Billy Cowsill

Gary Cramer

Doug Cuthbert

Gaye Delorme

Doug Edwards

Lovie Eli

Mitzi Gibbs

Robbie King

Peter Hamlin

Kathi McDonald

Richard Newman

Tony Robertson

Jack Velker

Bob White

Backstage Bar and Catering

Colin Thomson • Eric Thomson

Financial Supporters and Suppliers

David Newsome • John Newsome • Dave Zeffert - Kelly Deyong