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with performances by

Rob Montgomery and Incognito

Amanda Dean, Stephen Werbicki, Dave Barton, Darrell Mayes

Gary Comeau and the Voodoo All Stars

John Nolan, Tim Hearsey, Rob Becker, Jerry Cook, Steve Hilliam

Billy Dixon's Soul Train Express

Olaf de Shield, Peter Sweetzir, Brian Scott, Shawn Soucy, Brock Miller,

Langston Raymond, Kevin Lee, Ken Abel, Terry Linburg

Jim Byrnes with The Sojourners

Marcus Mosely, Will Sanders, Candus Churchill


featuring Keith Bennett, Dalannah Gail Bowen, Jason Buie, Joani Bye, Danny Casavant, Doc Fingers

Al Foreman, Jim Foster, David Gogo, Leslie Harris, Steve Kozak, Cecile Larochelle, Willie MacCalder

Billy Mendoza, Wes Mackey, Kirsten Nash, Murray Porter, Steve Sainas

Arsen Shomakhov, Andreas Schuld, Jayleen Stonehouse, William Taylor, Sibel Thrasher

Mike van Eyes, Wailin’ Al Walker, David Webb, Mike Wedge...


Dalannah Gail Bowen and Jim Byrnes



After 32 years, the final perfomance of Blues for Christmas

If you were at Blues for Christmas you would have seen a few cameras in the room and also enjoyed video of the performance as it was taking place... Many thanks to Gene Greenwood, Rod Matheson, Dan Greenwood, Brad Tisdale, Jeremy Goodrick for coming to work! Use the button to watch the show on YouTube.

Blues for Christmas 2017 – On Video!

Changing over a set of drums from a right hand player to a left hand player is something you would usually schedule at the end of a show because it takes a bit of time to switch drums, cymbals and all the microphones. Not at Blues For Christmas. We went from right to left and back again mid-show in order to keep the momentum building to a crescendo. Thanks to drummers Darrell Mayes and Shawn Soucy for their help in the changeover, and to Fish our drum tech, Fabio from Kian Sound and Nick from Backline for providing the stage crew with a show within a show!

The 32nd Annual Blues for Christmas, ‘Vancouver's best Christmas party for musicians’, had a merry old time on Monday, Dec. 11 at the Commodore Ballroom.

Huge shout out of appreciation to the musicians, fans, Commodore staff and all of the great volunteers that made the 2017 show one of the best!  We'll post more photos over the next few weeks as the site transforms from a sales site to a memory site... with pics and remembrances from the many Blues for Christmas shows.

What the show looks like to the crew...